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Ours is no ordinary recruitment process. No bias. No barriers. We recruit on aptitude, not academic achievements; on potential not previous experience. We give the ‘first break’ and the ‘foot in the door’; the step-ins and the step-ups. It’ll be your attitude and ambition that helps you get in, not your CV

Keeping the process simple

Are we the right company for you? Are you the right person for us? Our assessment process is a simple, unbiased way to find out. Want to find out more about your route in to an amazing career?

Step 1

Apply Online

Applying for a role with us is easy. If you’re ready to start looking, you can find all of our current vacancies below. You can also get to know a little more about who you would be working with and the different teams which make us tick.

Step 2

Online Test

For every role we ask you to complete two online assessments: a personality questionnaire and a cognitive aptitude test. These help us to understand your suitability for us, whilst also making sure we are a great fit for you. These are multi-choice assessments and a link to them will be emailed to you on application.

Step 3

Telephone Interview

If we’re both happy, one of the team will be in touch to arrange a first stage interview. This will either be in one of our offices or via video – whatever’s easiest for you! During this session you will be asked to re-complete your cognitive assessment and then this will be followed by a short Q&A to get to know more about you and your talents.

Step 4

Group or Video Interview

When we are hiring for multiple positions, we may invite you into our offices to take part in a group interview. This allows us to see how you problem solve, adapt to certain scenarios and collaborate with others.

Step 5

Assessment Centre/Final Interview

For the final interview or assessment centre, you’ll get to meet the people you’ll hopefully be working closest with. We’re aiming to get a sense of how we’d work together, so explaining your thinking and asking questions whilst you get stuck into tasks related to your role is a key part of the session. Once that’s done and dusted, you’ll hear back from us as soon as possible. We know that whilst we’re making a decision, you are too. To help you make your mind up, hear more from the people you could be working with.

"Talent development is massively important to me. Identifying our future leaders, and training, developing and promoting internally makes for a much more dynamic and vibrant company. If success is visible, and is rewarded, then we really will be a 'can do' company, and we will continue to develop, retain and attract the best possible staff."
Gordon Wilson, CEO, Advanced
"Contributing to products that have only just come out in terms of their tech is great!"
Christian, UI Consultant
"What we do here at Advanced genuinely makes a difference in peoples lives"
Mishna, Software Developer
"Advanced made a great impression on me from the outset – I knew working here would be successful and rewarding."
Nicola, Head of Inside Sales

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