Cloud School

Our Cloud-based Management Information System (MIS) places the learner at the centre of your school.

Our Cloud-based MIS ensures the right information is available to the right people at the right time.

We understand your focus is to improve teaching and learning. With budget cuts and increased student numbers, schools now have to do more with less. As a result, we understand you need an innovative, flexible solution to help remove these barriers and reach your goal of improving learner outcomes.

Specifically designed for post-primary schools, our Cloud-based MIS was developed with the learner in mind. CloudSchool provides valuable insight so schools can concentrate on driving learner progress and supporting children to reach their full potential. With over 20 years’ experience in the education sector, we are committed to helping you achieve excellence.

Key Benefits


Create & embed timetables

Integrated with Scheduler, continue to timetable with a trusted solution. Create simple or complex timetables, depending on your school’s bespoke requirements, easily and efficiently. 


Expert consultancy & support

Benefit from years of expertise, with our Dublin-based support and consultancy teams providing deep understanding and knowledge about your school and our solutions. 


Learner centricity

Enhanced behaviour and assessment reporting capability enables effective monitoring, analysis and intervention to improve learner outcomes. 

Key Features


Powerful Reporting

Flexible and editable out of the box reporting means staff can easily access the information that they need. Pre-configured widgets and role based dashboards provide relevant information for the range of staff in your school and Trust. As well as easy access to every piece of information on a learner you need.

Your core requirements all in one system

Manage all your core functions from one flexible MIS without the need for numerous, expensive add-on modules. Attendance, behaviour, census, communications, cover, exams, management information, mark book, parental engagement, safeguarding & SEND, staff management and timetabling are all included as standard.



Anytime, anywhere, any device

Enable your staff to work anytime, anywhere with secure access from any Internet-enabled device. Users have access to the data as and when they need it.

Parent and Learner Applications

The parent and learner applications provide a real-time view of a child’s whereabouts and behaviour, as well as document uploads to receive newsletters and reports. It offers parents and guardians insight into their child’s performance - whenever and wherever they want it.


Cloud School: the evolution from your traditional MIS

Our Cloud-based solution, the next generation of MIS

Right information to the right people

Powerful reporting within CloudSchool allows staff to easily access the information that they need, when they need it. With customisable, role-based dashboards and widgets, you and your colleagues can view key learner information suitable for their job role in order to provide tailored adaptive learning. Think ahead and take a whole school view to enable effective pupil tracking, highlight key trends and view progress and attainment across classes, year groups and the whole school. 

Safe and secure

With a provider you can trust, be assured your MIS is here for the long term and your data is secure. Supported by Amazon Web Services, based in Dublin, your data is protected off site with enterprise level security. Our expertise providing Cloud software to schools, and continued investment in our solutions, means we can help support your vision and digital strategy. 

Cost-effective solution

In times of financial uncertainty, streamline your spending with a move to the Cloud. Reduce server counts and costly maintenance and migration fees. With all of your core MIS requirements in one easy to use, scalable solution, save your school valuable time and money. Reduce infrastructure and IT management costs, as we take care of your back-ups and upgrades. Our open API allows for seamless integration with your 3rd party products such as dinner money and SMS to ensure you make the most out of your investment, all managed directly from your Cloud-based MIS.

Improved productivity

Transform your administration with automated processes and make things easier for your colleagues. Allow your school admin teams to work efficiently with a solution suited to them. Complete common tasks such as registers and exam entries quickly and accurately, and reduce the paperwork for your teaching staff. While we look after your updates and statutory requirements, you gain back valuable time.  

Improve engagement between pupils, parents and staff

Facilitate and reinforce learner development by giving parents real-time access to a more informed view of their child’s progress and attainment. 

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